RadioZoom Episode #87

In an effort to promote myself even more shamelessly, I’m going to try posting an update here for whenever I publish a new episode to my podcast.

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Recorded via minidisc, I sat down with Rebecca on our couch last night to chat a lot about lots of random topics. Most of them relate back to Vancouver, but we cover some other things as well. We talked about a lot, hockey being the main topic I wanted to have her on the podcast for. I hope I have all the links to cover the information that we shared, but that’s also what Google is for, eh?

We’re off to the Mates of State show tonight in Vancouver, so I play two cuts by them as well.


2 Replies to “RadioZoom Episode #87”

  1. Crossing the Burrard Bridge is fun! Lots of fun! You should cross it and once you’ve crossed it go to Zulu’s. Sit down, take a rest, listen to music then go home.
    I wanted to comment on the tornados and the tornado parties. I think you’re being too hard on the kids. You mentioned a lot of them being from the Chicago suburbs and thinking there isn’t anything to do in Iowa City but drink. Yet power was out across the city-no concerts, no movies, no parties, no games, no cable, no computer, no light-thus no reading. In a way, what else was there to do but drink? Also, they’d all just had a traumatic experience. What do people say when things go pear-shaped? “I need a drink.” Think of the Irish wake, villages waiting for the next old bastard to kick off so they can open the good stuff. Or instead think of pouring one out to your homies. There is, in the social aspect of drinking, a mourning and reflection as well as an affirmation of life. What do you say when you drink? “To your health,” “Sláinte,” “L’Chaim.” In gathering and drinking there’s a celebration of living, of still being there to gather (even though you may wish you were dead the next day). And of course there’s the basic social aspect of it. People weren’t buying drinks and heading back to their roofless homes. They were gathering and getting beer. It’s a means of doing a head-count and making an account of what’s been lost and what needs to be done next. I think when you talk about it being a Big 10 university and kids liking their beer you’re missing what’s going on and belittling these people who are responding very well. They’re responding to the situation as it is, not as it was or how they’d like it to be. On the surface it seems shallow, but they’re actually doing the healthy thing.
    Oh, and the Canucks lost because I was up there rooting for them during that one game. I tend to have that effect on teams. Look at the Pirates.
    Hope Rebecca’s feeling better.

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