Off-Season Games

There’s a lot happening in the NHL that would stem to peak the interest of a lot of Canucks fans right now. It might be early to start thinking about making any moves until the Stanley Cup is all over with, but I can’t stop myself from wondering.

Quinn’s out of the job in Toronto. Leafs don’t make it to the playoffs, he can’t lead Canada to the medal rounds of the Torino Olympics, and the fearless leader took a nasty puck to the face early in the season. Pat hasn’t had the best year. Nonis has stepped forward to say that the GM is for sticking with Crawford, but it would be an interesting move to bring Quinn back to Vancouver. I can’t say I know all the history and stats, but if you are one of those Canucks fans screaming to have Crawford fired, then here’s a great replacement.

The other thing is that Keith Tkachuk’s contract is up with St. Louis. I have never cared for the guy, but exceptions can be made if a move were to be made to bring him to Vancouver. The Blues had an awful year, and Tkachuk’s numbers from this season are not the greatest. Look at the record St. Louis had this year; you would too. He might make an interesting addition as a forward if the Blues don’t come to an agreement with him first.

With all the talk about shaking up the team for next year, we are well off to the races for post-season transaction speculation without the playoffs even starting yet.

Update: Blues optioned up for Tkachuk.  Darn. 


4 Replies to “Off-Season Games”

  1. having quinn back in vancouver is like when we brought linden back – not because he would necessarily be the best right now but he would remind us of good times :p stupid leafs what do they know anyway?

  2. st. louis has always been one of my least favorite teams they don’t play hockey they hack around the ice like children.
    stupid leafs im so mad.
    stupid canucks im so mad.
    i really don’t think it is crawford, bertuzzi being my favorite or not, the team has not been the same since. they need a player shake up BIG TIME. i’d hate to see Bertuzzi go but i want to see them WIN fuck.

  3. Wins are what we need. It’s hard to dispute Bert’s brute strength on the ice, but something needs to be done. It’s not about getting rid of the weaknesses, but the team needs a good rebirth.

    Still, I’d like to see Ruutu stay. Lots of minutes in the box, but the guy plays his butt off.

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