San Thornton

Talk about a painful way of watching our hopes of making it to the playoffs come to an end. I’m not sure that it could have come in any better fashion, but the fact that there wasn’t a shootout allow my blood pressure to remain low and pants not be peed in.

Canucks lost tonight to Joe Thornton and his San Jose Sharks, Edmonton and Colorado get their places secured for the playoffs, and I’m left with an all too familiar feeling of waiting for next year.

I have to say thanks to Dave for part one and part two of the Canucks Outsider for helping me understand the history of what tonight led up to. It’s been a long time of fighting tooth and nail to get into that last playoff spot, only to not shine very brightly once the Canucks got there.

As a Cubs fan(that’s baseball), we know how this feels. I dare to make a comparison, but is that what being a Canucks fan is like? It won’t change my dedication either way. I’m all about next year.

However, there’s one last game to play on Saturday. I’m all about making that one a good party! That is, just as long as I don’t have to hear the name Joe Thornton during the broadcast a hundred times.