Coffee Bean MachineWe finally made it through the award winning coffee from the Clubside Breakfast Time folks this week. When you’re out, you need more.

We wandered over to Capers on Robson St. last night, thinking that we’d go for more organic stuff because we really loved the one pound of Olympia Coffee Roasting Co. beans, fair trade and organic goodness. Although, the beans were a slight issue, but I found that a blender works for grinding them. I also found that I might have ruined the blender.

Anyway, we hunted down the coffee section and found that they pretty much had only whole bean coffee, aside from one brand that we couldn’t tell much about other than it was just coffee. Dark, medium, or what? These things matter.

Finally, after a half hour of looking at various, organic brands and almost giving up to head to the grocery store to buy already ground coffee, we watched some random woman go throught the process of grinding beans with the machine in the store. After learning what we could through the corners of our eyes, we gave it a shot.

Capers Coffee GrinderLow and behold, it freaking worked! For so long I have feared making a complete idiot of myself using the in store coffee grinder, worrying that I would send beans everywhere or a big pile of grounds on the floor. That’s not to say that we didn’t have some issues, but once we actually got the machine to give us our beans, the grinding was pretty easy after that.

Vancouverites love their coffee. I’m slowly becoming one of them, but it all works out in the end. I’m getting more and more Vancouverites to love margaritas. Poncho’s ain’t half bad either.


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  1. Hey John,

    Glad you didn’t give up and drink the schwag! and careful with yoru blender, you’ll need it to make me a margarita when we make a show (yes one day … ).

    By the way, the guys from Olympia Coffee Roasting are now blogging their misadventures and hi-jinx. Check out Expresso Parts which is the “off the record” blog while is the their ‘official’ company blog.

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