Canucks PPV Isn’t My Favorite

We were planning our night tonight all around the Canucks and Kings game tonight. Deciding what we wanted to get for dinner, when we’d make it, and so on. And then we got home. While loooking to set a reminder on the digital cable box, I figure out that the game is not on Rogers Sportsnet or TSN. It’s another pay per view game.

Yes, the coverage of the PPV games is outstanding. Yes, John Shorthouse does the play by play. Yes, it is all Canucks for nearly three hours with hardly any commercial interruption. I’m not disputing that it’s great for anyone who calls themselves a Canucks fan.

What I don’t care for is that there are so many of them in the playoff stretch. I think that next season, they could knock the number of PPV games to fewer. Of course, I say this because we are a newly married couple with not a lot of cash to spend while enjoying a nice pint and dinner at good place to catch the game. I might be singing a different tune this time next year when I’m able to have a job, but it kinda sucks.

If you want to see the game on TV, you gotta pay about $12, after taxes and everything. See it at a pub, that’s about $20-$60, depending on food and beverages enjoyed. And if you want to see the game at GM Place, that’s at least $100, give or take $30-$150, depending on who the game is against, and how desperate you are for tickets.

Excuse me if it seems like I’m bitching, but I just wanted to see some hockey tonight. That’s all I’m saying.


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