Seriously, There Is More to Iowa Than This… Seriously

This article in the Des Moines Register was too much not to pass on. I will say that I relied a lot on Wal-Mart during my days in Iowa City, but never this much. It’s shameful to admit, I’m sure, but that’s what happens when you work for public radio and live on a tight budget.

Follow up: It appears that the media is grabbing this story, and I found this linked off the Drudge Report.


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  1. Ah! Epitaph’s on the podsafe music network?! And Asian Man’s on there too! Makes me wish I did a podcast. And I was wondering why Epitaph pulled all the mp3s from their website.
    Promise Ring moved to Anti (the non-punk imprint on Epitaph that features Tom Waits, Elliott Smith and others. Really good stuff) in 2002 for their final album. Man! And Jade Tree’s on podsafe. Does that mean their entire catalog is podsafe or just the podsafe tracks? Either way, Jade Tree was Promise Ring’s previous label and presumably still sells their CDs.
    And here’s me being a jackass. Check out these podsafe tracks:
    From Asian Man Records:
    Bagheera _ Long Division
    The Broadways _ 15 Minutes
    Screeching Weasel _ Veronica Hates Me
    Slapstick _ There’s A Metalhead In The Parking Lot
    Duvall _ Standing At The Door
    Lets Go Bowling _ Oatmeal For X-Mas
    Matt Skiba _ In Your Wake
    Mu330 _ Favorite Show
    I’d offer up some picks from Epitaph or Jade Tree but they don’t have any of the tracks I like up there. Oh well.
    And now I catch up on the Radio Zoom podcasts and find that I’ve been stripped from them. It’s like you had a Rev. Don blow-out and then no more. Works for me.
    It’s okay because I love cake.

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