Water is Pretty Neat

I’m not usually one to pass along things like this, but this video is pretty neat. At the same time, it pains me that I enjoyed an advertisement for highly, overpriced water in a bottle. Passed on to me from Rebecca, via Laura.


3 Replies to “Water is Pretty Neat”

  1. While it’s an extremely long commercial, it is worth the patience. I especially like it when he pees on the fire to put it out. Though, I’m not quite sure what he and the water lady are doing in the heart before they end up with little water babies. 😐

  2. I guess you never had “the talk” with your mom eh? … Come see me after work, I’ll get the diagrams ready.

  3. The weird thing is I’d heard that cover mixed with other things in different mash-up and WFMU sets. Strange hearing it all the way through.
    Anyway, watched both your latest v-cast and the movie Paycheck tonight. Paycheck was totally shot in Vancouver. You can tell by the subway train. I’d say, “See for yourself,” but that’d be advocating seeing this movie, this mediocre to the point of painful movie. It’s not even bad enough to laugh at. The short story by Phillip K. Dick is pretty sweet though, and I highly reccomend that.

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