The Award for What What Goes to Who What?

The Academy Awards are days away. I keep finding myself not really caring. For once in a long while, independent films are getting more of a nod, and I still have little to no interest. I think a lot of this stems back to my loathing of film critics in general. On top of that, just being a film major in college for a few years. It’s sad to say, but the film department at the University of Iowa got to me. The atmosphere where nothing is good unless there is a general concensus to merit something being collectively “good” among both teachers and students really turned me off. At the same time, you can only stand non-narrative, abstract films so much until you want to poke something in your eyes to make sure you still have some sort of sense left in them.

I’ll probably watch the awards for the main reason that Jon Stewart is hosting. I liked his short lived show on MTV from back in the day. It’s where I saw Live and Orbit perform for the first time. In fact, that was the last time I saw Orbit perform ever, but I have seen a few Live shows since. Sadly, the academy awards won’t be nearly as cool of an experience. Stewart’s a pretty entertaining guy, even though his antics are getting dangerously repetitive to me. I think that’s why I only check into the Daily Show once and a while.