I’m crazy for your touch

The Black Keys (Photo Credit: Joseph Russell)I probably don’t write about music enough, and it’s sad that a recent string of Victoria’s Secret commercials is what prompts me to share my love for The Black Keys. Yes, that looped music in the background of Heidi Klum’s latest endorsement for some high tech bra is them. I guess it could be worse. What’s more rock and roll than half naked women and damn good music?

I’m not sure where The Black Keys[wiki] fit in the realm of popular music these days, but it seems that they were on the track of being made to be the next big thing. You know, overhyped and pushed by all the hot music media outlets to be the band to watch for. I can’t be sure that it ever took hold. The Black Keys just kept doing their own thing and the masses let them go by. I think they might have surfaced on The O.C., but that crap doesn’t count.

I guess the other part to my fascination with the group is that they’re just two guys, but holy crap can they tear it up. I haven’t even seen them live yet, but you can just sense from their studio recordings that they would be an excellent show to see. It’s stripped down without feeling empty.

Dan Auerbach plays fuzz guitar with a southern blues feel, reverb on the vocals, and that sound makes me want to own a record player. Maybe it’s nostalgia talking, but that’s the feeling I get. Yeah, I might be a little too young for the glory of the days when music was only available on vinyl, but the charm is something I’m a big fan of.

I’ve been able to get some previews into their soon to be released album, Magic Potion. I loved Thickfreakness, and Rubber Factory chimed in just fine. This new album is outstanding, and you really should mark your calendar for September 12, 2006. The new stuff hits the shelves on that day.

Photo credit: Joseph Russell [flickr]