Taking time for Remembrance Day

Rebecca's poppy

Where I grew up, Remembrance Day, or Veteran’s Day, wasn’t as observed as much as it might be now. Maybe that’s due to being a little older and wiser to what’s going on around me, but for the most part, today was just another day. We still went to school for the whole day while the banks were closed and the mail wouldn’t show up until the next business day.

Before even moving to Canada, there was always a small part of me that had to think about all of my family who served in the military. My grandfather, great uncle, great uncle, uncle, cousin, cousin, cousin, cousin, and brother. That’s just off the top of my head, but needless to say, there is a rich history of my family serving in the military, past and present.

All politics aside, this is why I often hold the belief that no matter what conflict is waged in the world, I hold nothing but the highest respect and support for those who risk their lives to protect the freedoms that so many of us probably take for granted. Their courage is commendable, and the sacrifices are vast.

It’s important to remember those who have given up everything in the past to help build a future that is our present. No one should take that for granted.